01- 1st US President George Washington


This U.S. President George Washington History Mug is one of a complete collection of U.S. Presidential biographical mugs. An image of George Washington and a short biography are features of this history mug.

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George Washington was Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and one of the founding fathers of the U.S.  He presided over the convention that drafted the U.S. Constitution.  He was elected president by a unanimous vote of the electors for both of his terms in office.  As the first president, he established traditions in our government that are still used today, such as the Cabinet system and the State of the Union address.  As the first leader of the successful revolution against a colonial  empire, Washington is an international icon.  Prior to the Revolution, he was a surveyor and soldier.  After serving as president, Washington, who was a slave owner, retired to his plantation in Virginia.

This U.S. President George Washington History Mug is part of our US Presidential Series which includes all of the US Presidents.  Content is crafted for a stunning visual experience and to inspire an interest to learn more about history.  Biography and images are designed and printed in Bristol, Vermont, USA.

  • 11 oz. mug:  3.75” H x 3” D
  • 15 oz. mug:  4.5″ H x 3.25″ D
  • Mugs are premium hard coated ceramic, which are food and microwave safe.
  • To preserve photographic quality we recommend hand washing.
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