Still, William – Civil War


This William Still mug is part of a collection of African American and Civil War biographical mugs.  An image of William Still and a short biography are features of this history mug.

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William’s mother was a runaway slave from Maryland who fled to New Jersey in order to join her husband.  William Still was born in New Jersey and under state law, a free man.  He had 17 brothers and sisters.  In 1847, William started work as a clerk in the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society.  He became a ‟conductor” in the Underground Railroad.  As many as 60 escaped slaves a month passed through his station.  William kept a journal in which he recorded the dates, names and biographies of those who passed through his Philadelphia home on their way north.  He is often called “The Father of the Underground Railroad.”  In 1872, he published The Underground Railroad Records, a book that helped reunite family members separated when they fled the South for freedom.

This William Still mug is part of our African American Series and Abolitionist series profiling outstanding men and women who have helped shape our country in important and positive ways.

The content on the mugs is crafted for a stunning visual experience and to inspire an interest to learn more about history.  Robert Compton, who developed HistoryMugs, colorized the hundred-year-old photographs in order to bring the individuals back to life.  Biography and images are designed and printed in Bristol, Vermont, USA.

  • 11 oz. mug:  3.75” H x 3” D
  • 15 oz. mug:  4.5″ H x 3.25″ D
  • Mugs are premium hard coated ceramic, which are food and microwave safe.
  • To preserve photographic quality we recommend hand washing.
  • Mugs are usually shipped within 3-5 days.
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