Bradbury, Mary – Salem Witch Trials


The Mary Bradbury mug is part of a biographical series profiling individuals associated with Faith, Religion, and Spiritualism and includes an image of Mary Bradbury and a short biography.

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Born in England to parents, John and Judith Perkins; Mary Bradbury and her family immigrated to America in 1631.  Five years later Mary married Thomas Bradbury of Salisbury, Massachusetts.  During the Witchcraft hysteria, Mary was accused of being a witch by Ann Putman a woman with whom there was a personal conflict.  At her trial, Mary was charged with casting spells on ships and assuming animal forms such as a blue boar.  Over 100 townspeople testified on her behalf, but she was found guilty of practicing magic and sentenced to death in 1692.  The efforts of her friends delayed her execution.  Mary Bradbury fled to Maine only returning years later after the hysteria abated.  Eventually, Governor William Phips replaced the witchcraft judges and forbade the use of spectral evidence.  Shortly after this, the trials began to fade.  Phips also pardoned eight people who were to be executed.

Salem Witch Trials

1692 – 1693

The Salem witch trials occurred in colonial Massachusetts. More than 200 people were accused of witchcraft and 20 were executed. The witch hysteria was fostered by a group of adolescent girls, but it was the clergy who tried and convicted the innocent individuals. Several of the accusing girls later recanted their stories. In 1711, Massachusetts authorized payments to those accused and convicted of witchcraft, including Mary Bradbury. In 1957, Massachusetts reversed the stigma placed on persons impacted by the trials.  Descendants of Mary Bradbury include Ralph Waldo Emerson and astronaut Allan Shepard.

This Mary Bradbury History Mug is part of our Faith, Religion, and Spiritualism series which includes many unique individuals.

The biographical History Mugs were created to teach and inspire individuals to learn about our diverse and interesting history.  The biographies were researched and written by history enthusiast, Robert Compton.  He colorized most of the historic photos and images used on the mugs, which were originally black and white or sepia tone.  The images and biographies are imprinted on mugs at his studio in rural Vermont.

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