Creators of History Mugs

Robert and Christine are the designers of History Mugs. They live in rural Vermont, where Robert made his living as a studio potter for over 45 years.  Christine is an active spinner and weaver.  They share their homestead with several sheep and their Golden Retriever, “Nuka.”

To see Robert's handmade work & Christine’s weaving visit their Robert Compton Pottery website.

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Four styles, Two sizes

Our history mugs are available in two sizes and four styles.  The small mugs hold 11 ounces and the large mugs hold 15 ounces.

Historical Topics

We continue to add new topics and seek out images and stories of noteworthy historical figures.  Each of these individuals led an amazing life and made major contributions to the United States.  With such interesting people, it is difficult to limit the story of their lives on the small biographical panel on these mugs.

We would love to hear from other history buffs about individuals they would like to see added to this collection.

You can see all of our biographical mugs.

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Family History Mugs

Researching family genealogy is a fascinating and entertaining activity. Many people store their collected family stories in books or online in digital form.  We encourage you to celebrate the unique members of your family by putting their pictures and stories on custom history mugs.

Give us a photo, a brief biography, and list the descendants in a lineage panel, to show how they are related to you, your parents and siblings.

See samples on our Genealogy page, we have many different styles of mugs you can look through to see the varied approach of our clients.  We are happy to work with you to produce the best possible result.

We have created numerous Custom history mugs and have a wealth of experience to draw from in helping you create the perfect mug.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Mugs with a Story

We hope our history mugs encourage learning.  Most of our biographies focus on individuals who played a significant role in history.   New biographies are added frequently due to requests from individuals and museums, as well as our personal interest in various topics.

While the majority of our biographies have focused on politics and US history, we are developing biographies on scientists, authors, and leaders of social & civil rights causes.

History Mugs are the perfect gift for those who love learning about our country’s rich and storied past.