Senator Philip Schuyler – First Federal Congress


This Philip Schuyler History Mug is one of a collection of the First Federal Congress members biographical mugs.  An image of Philip Schuyler and a short biography are features of this history mug.

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Philip Schuyler was a descendant of Dutch ancestry in the Colony of New York.  Before the Revolution, he served with the British as a major in the Provincial Army.  Elected to the Continental Congress in 1775, 1777, 1779-1780, he accepted an appointment as Major General in the Continental Army.  In command of the Northern Department and 4,000 troops, he planned the failed invasion of Canada and the successful defense at Saratoga.  He resigned from the army and expanded his estates which encompassed tens of thousands of acres, including a flax mill and lumber operations.  After the war, he was elected the first Senator from New York, 1789-1791.

First Federal Congress  1781-1789

The Continental Congress met between 1774-1785.  This was followed by the Confederation Congress, under the Articles of Confederation which existed between 1785-1789.  The First United States Congress, also known as the First Federal Congress, consisted of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, which met between, March 4, 1789 and March 4, 1791.

The biographical History Mugs were created to teach and inspire individuals to learn about our diverse and interesting history.  The biographies were researched and written by history enthusiast, Robert Compton.  He colorized most of the historic photos and images used on the mugs, which were originally black and white or sepia-tone.  The images and biographies are imprinted on mugs at his studio in rural Vermont.

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