Standard Field Artillery – Civil War


This Standard Field Artillery mug is part of our collection of Civil War biographical mugs.  An image of Standard Field Artillery and a short biography are features of this history mug.

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Standard Field Artillery was attached to a limber, which was pulled by six horses.  The ammunition chest, as well as a spare wheel, were carried on a caisson. When in action, the gun was removed from the limber and brought to bear on the target.  A sergeant was in command of six other members of the gun crew, each with specific assignments to prepare and load the gun.  The gunner sighted the artillery piece and decided on the type of round.  A fuse was chosen based on a firing table for the range.  The last step was inserting a primer into the vent.  The primer was attached to a lanyard, which when pulled, fired the gun.

This Standard Field Artillery mug is part of our US Civil War series profiling participants in the War Between the States.  Thousands of Confederate and Union soldiers fought in battles such as Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Cold Harbor and Petersburg.  We honor their sacrifices by telling their stories.

The biographical History Mugs were created to teach and inspire individuals to learn about our diverse and interesting history.  The biographies were researched and written by history enthusiast, Robert Compton.  He colorized most of the historic photos and images used on the mugs, which were originally black and white or sepia tone.  The images and biographies are imprinted on mugs at his studio in rural Vermont.

  • Mugs are food and microwave safe.
  • To preserve photographic quality we recommend hand washing.
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