11th US President James K. Polk


This U.S. President James K. Polk History Mug is one of a complete collection of U.S. Presidential biographical mugs.  An image of James K. Polk and a short biography are features of this history mug.

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U.S. President James K. Polk was a lawyer from North Carolina.  He was elected as a Jacksonian Democrat and was the last strong pre-Civil War president.  He ran on the platform of promising to invade and annex Texas.  He threatened war with Britain over the issue of the Oregon Country, settling for split ownership of the region.  He led the nation into war with  Mexico, which gave the U.S. most of the Southwest.  He oversaw the first postage stamps in the U.S., the groundbreaking of the Washington Monument, and the opening of the Smithsonian and U.S. Naval Academy.  He is considered one of the great presidents but has been called the “least known consequential president” of the United States.

This U.S. President James K. Polk History Mug is part of our US Presidential Series which includes all of the US Presidents.  Content is crafted for a stunning visual experience and to inspire an interest to learn more about history.  Biography and images are designed and printed in Bristol, Vermont, USA.

  • 11 oz. mug:  3.75” H x 3” D
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