24- Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles


This Gideon Welles mug is part of our collection of Secretary of the Navy biographical mugs.  An image of Gideon Welles and a short biography are features of this history mug.

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Gideon Welles graduated from the Military Academy at Norwich and became a lawyer and journalist.  He was a Jacksonian Democrat but supported the Free Soil Party, working with Martin Van Buren.  Finally, because of his anti-slavery views, he joined the Republican Party.  Welles was U.S. Secretary of the Navy from 1861-1869.  He expanded the Navy by tenfold, making the Anaconda Plan a success in cutting off supplies to the Confederacy along the 3,500 miles of Southern coastline.  He continued on as Secretary of the Navy under Johnson but returned to the Democratic Party because of his disagreements with Johnson’s Reconstruction policies.

The Secretary of the Navy was, from its creation in 1798, a member of the President’s Cabinet until 1949, when the secretary of the Navy (and the Secretaries of the Army and Air Force) were by amendments to the National Security Act of 1947 made subordinate to the Secretary of Defense.

This Gideon Welles mug is part of our U.S. Secretary of the Navy series which includes the many unique individuals who served as U.S. Secretary of the Navy.

The biographical History Mugs were created to teach and inspire individuals to learn about our diverse and interesting history.  The biographies were researched and written by history enthusiast, Robert Compton.  He colorized most of the historic photos and images used on the mugs, which were originally black and white or sepia-tone.  The images and biographies are imprinted on mugs at his studio in rural Vermont.

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